Student Council and Class Representatives


The Learners of BROSIS School have a VOICE through THE STUDENT COUNCIL. The Student Council of Brosis School is represented by 3 representatives from each class. The School Council discusses different topics, such as Charities and Volunteerism, to contribute or donate to during fundraising activities in the school. Program activities  that they would like to be able to take part in at school and new projects they would be interested to have at the school.




 Check back in February with information about how you can become a representative for the 2017-2018 school year!

Are you a leader and a team player? Do you want to get more involved in our Brosis School Community and have your voice heard?  Do you want to help plan and promote all the fun activities and fundraisers BroSis has to offer? 


Challenge yourself and join hands with your Brothers and sisters. Be involved. Make a difference now - Becoming a member of BroSis Student Council!


BSC Application will be avialable at the admission office. Please note, do read our BSC Constitution and By-Laws prior applying membership.




Eco Advocates

Special Needs Advocates

First Aid and Safe Advocates

Outdoor and Sport Advocates

Learning and Reading Advocates

HIV/Aids and Health Care Advocates

Social Welfare and Goodwill Advocates

Human Rights and Equality Advocates

Educational and Political Awareness Advocates

Media and Communication Advocates

Art and Fashion Advocates




  • Lead all meetings

  • Give assistance, guidance, and praise

  • Act as a facilitator during discussion

  • Maintain frequent contact with faculty and administration

  • Work with advisor on all planning

  • Participate in student council sponsored activities/events


Vice President:

  • Work closely with President

  • Assume President’s duties when needed

  • Work with President and Treasurer in preparing calendar and budget

  • Assist the President in preparing meeting agendas



  • Oversee council expenses and revenues

  • Maintain an accurate and detailed financial record

  • Give monetary advice to the council

  • Authorize payment/deposits

  • Provide a copy of financial statements and accounts to the Secretary

  • Work with President and Vice President in preparing calendar and budget


Public Relations/Moderator:

  • Keep student body informed of events, fundraisers, and service projects

  • Obtain approval for events

  • Responsible for communication between schools

  • Help maintain student council website


Secretary/Assistant Secretary:

  • Keep an account of minutes at every meeting

  • Keep an accurate account of attendance at every meeting

  • Help maintain student council files and financial accounts

  • Maintain contact information for people who work with the council

  • Responsible for “Invitation" and  “Thank You" cards




Student Council Statement


The (BSC) BroSiS Student Council develops and supports special projects to enhance and improve BroSis School and Community. Learners from all Primary Education from Standard 3 and Secondary Education will participate in our BroSis Student Council program.


Article (1) Name & Purpose

Section 1: The name of the organization shall be called BSC “BROSIS” Student Council. (Henceforth to be called the “Student Council”)

Section 2: The BSC shall meet to organize and carry out school wide activities that are of interest to the students.


Section 3: The BSC shall create and encourage student enthusiasm through active participation in school activities


Section 4: The BSC shall maintain a safe and enjoyable learning environment for the school community.


Section 5: The BSC shall raise money through fund-raising activities to meet their particular goals and on-going school and community projects.


Section 6: The BSC shall submit all projected programs, events and activities to the school Advisors or Headmaster for final recommendation and approval.


Article 11- Membership


Section 1: Membership will consist of learners from “BroSis School Nairobi”.


Article 111- Meetings


Section 1: The BSC shall meet the first and last Thursday of every month after class.


Section 2: Every BSC meeting shall be held in the Senior Teacher classroom unless otherwise announced.


Section 3: The BSC President or advisor may call a special meeting at any time he/she may deem proper.


Section 4: A Representative from each class shall relay every meeting’s proposed activities to their respective class.


Article 1V- Student Council/ Organization


Section 1: The BSC shall have one (1) President, one (1) Vice-President,  

one (1) Treasurer, one (1) PR, one (1) Moderator, one (1) Secretary and (1) Assistant Secretary.


Section 2: In the event that no learners wishes to run for office council, the Principal and the teachers reserve the right to appoint a qualified student to a position.


Section 3: All foregoing executive positions shall be chosen through popular ballot.


Section 4: There shall be one (1) representative and two (2) alternate representatives from each class. They shall be voted into position by nominations within their own class. They shall be the voice of their representative class.


Section 5: The BSC shall be responsible for overall direction and accountability of the BroSis Learners Activities Fund.


Section 6: There shall be two (2) adults/advisors that will assist, monitor and supervise every activity of the Brosis Student Council.


Section 7: Term- All Student Council officers shall serve for one year, but are eligible for reelection. The President position reserved only for Senior Class.


Section 8: Quorum- A quorum must be attended by at least three (3) members of the Student Council before business or motions can be made or passed.


Article V- Duties and Responsibilities


Section 1: President: The President will lead BSC meetings, relay Student Council information to school administration, meet with advisors to plan and implement Student Council activities, work with School Council  and attendSchool Council meetings and other duties as assigned.


Section 2: Vice-President: The Vice-President will assist the President in leading Student Council meetings, relay Student Council information to school administration, meet with advisors to plan and implement Student Council activities, and other duties as assigned.


Section 3: Secretary/Assistant Secretary: The Secretary/Assist Secretary will take minutes of each BSC meeting, meet with advisors and other officers to prepare agendas for Student Council meetings, and other duties as assigned.


Section 4: Treasurer: The Treasurer will keep track of money earned from fund raisers and money spent, report treasury information to BSC members at each meeting, consult with Brosis Student Council advisors regarding money, and other duties as assigned.


Article V1- Vacancies


Section 1: If a vacancy occurs in the Brosis Student Council, the executive officers of the Council, working with the advisor, will appoint a qualified student for the position. Such position will only be effective for the remaining balance of the term.


Article V11- Resignation, Terminations and Absences


Section 1: Resignation from the Brosis Student Council shall be made in writing and shall have the approval of the President and Advisor after due deliberations.


Section 2: A Student Council member shall be dropped from the Council after an accrued five (5) unexcused absences. A member may also be removed from office for other reasons by a three fourths vote of the remaining members.


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