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Welcome to Brosis School.

Hello everyone, I am Linet. I am very glad to get to know all of you. I have joined our school since the beginning of this January 2018. My position is Pre-School Teacher-In-Charge. Brosis School offers FREE Pre-School Education for orphans, vulnerable children and no and less income families. My job involves teaching and taking care of these little hearts of Brosis, keeping in touch with parents and the best part is watching them learn, play and able to join Brosis School without any worries of financial constraints. Most of these families are unable to pay their children school fees and requirements and struggling to make ends meet.

I dedicate myself to help parents assist these children. Understanding the concerns and perspectives of these parents is essential to working with them effectively as partners in their children's education. Parents of these children face unique challenges and like any other parents they do desire to make life better for their kids.

We just recently moved to a new place and lost most of our former children. This January of 2018, we have been blessed with orphans and vulnerable children who are now with us at Brosis Boading School.

Brosis Shool is a Christian school with a mission to make a difference.

In the future, if there is anything that I can help, please don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks a lot.

Lynnet Mutunge Wambua

BroSis Nursery/Pre-School Teacher-In-Charge

C.R.E/E.C.D Teacher

+254 (0)711 882 824

Parent Involvement in Early Childhood

Parent involvement bridges two key contexts in children's early development, namely the home and school settings.

Parent involvement typically involves parents’ behaviors in home and school settings meant to support their children's educational progress. Measures of parent involvement commonly include the quality and frequency of communication with teachers as well as participation in school functions and activities.

Parent involvement also characterizes parents’ values and attitudes regarding education and the aspirations they hold for their children.

Although values and attitudes may not directly influence academic outcomes, they may enhance academic achievement indirectly by promoting children's motivation and persistence in challenging educational tasks.

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