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Let us have a look back at BROSIS SCHOOL over the past years. It has provided children, parents, volunteers, sponsors and teachers with many happy memories during their time here. We also shared sad moments together as a school community, living and learning together at Brosis School. If you have any that you would like to share, please e-mail them to brosisschoolnairobi@gmail.com

2005 From Rescourse in Ngando slum neighborhood, children used to come to Mr Abel's rented room to be assisted to do their homework. During that time he worked as a volunteer teacher at Preparatory  School of Ngando. Mr. Abel's father, Mr Paul assisted his son by renting the room for a year as he was  job hunting. In Nairobi, a degree will not automatically get you a job. Even now at present time 2017, briberyis rampant and job seekers are required to pay a bribe for a certain job and thisdoes not even guarantee the job is yours when you pay up. As time went by, more children joined other kids who regularly came to Mr. Abel's room to be taught of their homework. This session goes early from 4pm till late at night and somedays till 10pm. The parents saw there was a need to rent a separate room for their kids learning session after school. The parents sat with Mr Abel and discussed the possibilities to rent a room and the funds contribution to enable to Mr. Abel to continue in supporting their kids learning and tutorial needs.

2006 There were small babies like 3 y.o who joined for daycare learning session and I saw need to open a school. On the 6th of Septempber 2006 it was constituted to run as a aschool.













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