Important Notices 




Tuition Fees



  • Payments should be made out to “Brosis School” Write your child’s first and last name as the reference.

  • No payments can be made through a child. You must deliver payments directly to Brosis School Registrar or make a payment through the bank transaction. If you choose to pay with cash, you will be required to sign a cash receipt at the time of payment.

  • Your tuition amount will be the same regardless of absences or entire weeks missed unless approved by the Headmaster. (Includes suspensions for non-payment.)






All parents must fill out a complete enrollment admission form for each child.  

The parent is responsible for updating their child registration information during the school year if needed.

This includes any address changes, contact numbers, changes in adult/s to pick up the child, medical and health changes.  

No child will be allowed to enter or leave the premises during class hours.




Pick up Policy



It is the policy of Brosis School Nairobi to refuse any person to pick up your child if we suspect that person is driving impaired or even slightly suspicious. Brosis School Personnel will take attendance on a daily basis.  Any parents or authorized persons must inform the school in advance when there are any changes in child's activities including school arrival and departure.  Any person picking up a child who is unfamiliar to Brosis School Personnel will be required to show a valid picture I.D.  If your child is on restricted pickup involving custody issues you must provide the program with legal documentation. 




Meal/Snacks: (Allergies)


Learners enrolled in our school will be served lunch daily. Please advise us if your child has allergies in the medical history and would prefer to bring their own meal or snacks. If your child has severe food allergies, please note it on the health history form included in the Parental Contract and alert the school personnel prior to sending your child to our school. BroSis School Nairobi will make every reasonable effort to provide an alternative snack and remove your child from any contact with the food. 




Withdrawal Notice 


A written notice of withdrawal must be turned in to Brosis Registrar prior to withdrawing to avoid any additional fees.  Please indicate your reason for withdrawal of this notice. 




Child Bully and Abuse Policy 


BroSis School Nairobi, who have cause or reason to believe that a child is being bullied, abused, deprived or neglected, shall report immediately to the Directors or Headmaster.  The Director will investigate and take the appropriate action in accordance with Kenyan law on Children' rights.




First Aid and Medical Policy


Brosis School will not dispense any medication; however, please inform Brosis´ personnel of any medical situation that may require the use of emergency medication such as an Epi-pen, inhalant or insulin.  Please contact Director directly for guidance.


Brosis School does not offer emergency or regular transportation for any medical situation under any circumstances.  If a medical emergency requires transportation, emergency medical services will be notified and the student and an employee of Brosis will be transported to the nearest hospital.  All attempts will be made to notify parents and the adult/s designated to pick up the child.  No Brosis School personnel will deter a child from receiving emergency medical care.  In non-emergency situations, basic first aid will be given and an accident report will be filled out by school personnel.  A child will not be accepted or allowed to remain at BroSis School if he/she has a fever of 101 degrees or higher or other contagious symptoms such as rash, diarrhea, vomiting, sore throat, etc.  A parent will be notified to pick up child immediately. The child must be symptom-free for 24 hours before returning to the school. Brosis School Nairobi reserves the right to request a doctor’s note stating the child can return.  If anyone on site is found to have a contagious communicable disease parent will receive written notice.






It is the mission of Brosis School to provide your child with a fun and safe after school environment.  In doing so, each school will follow the policies set forth by the Ministry of Education and Kenyan School system for lockdown, bomb threats, and other emergency situations. In the event of severe weather, we will operate according to the Ministry of Education Public School safety policies. To protect the health of all students, Brosis School reserves the right to dismiss students who have excessive bathroom accidents or who willfully expose other children to their bodily fluids.


If the school closes before Brosis School begins or if we need to close after our class has begun, for example, due to hazardous road conditions, you will be contacted and asked to pick up your child as soon as possible.  Please add several friends/neighbors to your emergency contact list for inclement weather or other emergencies, which could prohibit you from being available in a timely manner.  In the event of severe weather, Brosis School will be focused on the safety of the children and may not be available to accept parent phone calls.




Program Activities 

Brosis School Nairobi is dedicated to providing a balance of academic, enrichment, and recreational activities.




Regularly Scheduled Activities

  • Lunch/Snack – Please let the Brosis personnel know if your child has any medical problems requiring a special snack.

  • Consistent homework program–Academic activities such as math/spelling/reading/strategic games will be available for those children without homework.  It is the parent’s responsibility to check homework and to complete items needing individual assistance.

  • Individual/Small group activities, field trip and tours.




Special Scheduled Activities (available for the students registered in the weekend enrichment program scheduled monthly)

  • Arts and Crafts activities

  • Outdoor explorations 

  • Team building

  • Creative Intensive Writing Classes                                    

  • Language Diversity                                                       

  • Computer (are available for school-related projects and program activities)

  •  Book Club                                                      

  • Arts and Crafts workshop

  •  Presentational Skills/ Social Development  

  • Science/Math/PE/Social Studies Advancement 





Videotaping and Photographs

The student may be videotaped, filmed or photographed during classroom activities exclusively to post photographs and/or videos to promote BroSis School and JLKJLU Africa/JLKJLU Worldwide (in our website, flyers, etc). 




BROSIS School Property

I understand that my child is responsible for returning any textbooks, dictionaries, calculators, board games and any other property of Brosis School Nairobi that has been borrowed.  If any of the aforementioned items are not returned in the conditions they were checked out, a charge will incur for damaged or lost items at the discretion of the Headmaster/Director.  I also understand that if any defacement of Brosis School Nairobi property results, I hereby attest that I will be responsible for all costs related to fixing the resulting damage.




Personal Property

Brosis School Nairobi is not responsible for any loss of personal property. It is the student's responsibility to keep an eye on their personal property and not leave anything unattended. 



Discipline Policies 


Disciplinary procedures are designed to maintain a safe and secure environment for all children. Any of the following disciplinary actions may be imposed for any violation of the Code of Conduct.  Rules are enforced at the discretion of Brosis School Student Council-Disciplinary Committee with the supervision of Brosis Deputy Headmaster.

  • Explanation/ reinforcement of rules/warning 

  • Redirection / temporary removal from activity 

  • Timeout – older children may use this time to create an action plan 

  • Loss of Privileges 

  • Notification to Director 

  • Notification to Parents 

  • Parent Conference with Staff/ Director  

  • Short-term suspension 

  • Expulsion from Brosis School



All parents / authorized adults will be also held to the Code of Conduct.

A child may be dismissed from the program due to parental/adult misconduct.




If you have any questions please contact us:


Dir. Abel Siro
BroSis School Headmaster
Phone: +254 (0)721 982 794


Tel. +254 (0)735 362 029 / +254 (0)721 982 794


Postal Address

P. O. Box 14510-00100

Nairobi, Kenya


Situated left side (Maroon Gate) at the end of  Kenol, Igiria Kirui Rd,

along Ngong Rd. opposite Kwa Wa-china 

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